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What are gloves made of?

What are gloves made of?

03 Jan 2023
Gloves come in a variety of compositions for different uses.
Nitrile – these gloves are made of 100% nitrile and are latex-free, anti-static, and resistant to many chemicals. This glove provides excellent dexterity, sensitivity, flexibility and tensile strength.

Polyethylene – this glove is perfect for food handling and light industrial applications. It provides a splash barrier for liquids and some chemicals. It provides good dexterity and sensitivity.

Latex – these gloves are ideal for cleanrooms. They provide excellent chemical resistance while maintaining dexterity and flexibility. They are durable and strong for a whole day of work.
Vinyl – these gloves are great for cleanrooms since they carry a low static charge and resist particulate shedding. They provide excellent tactile sensitivity for delicate work. They provide chemical resistance.

Nylon – these gloves are for inspection work and are 100% lint-free. They are soft and durable.

Cotton – these gloves are good for light duty work. They are all-around useful gloves to protect the hands against friction.
Leather – these gloves are good for heavy duty work. They are lined with leather palms for durability and denim or cotton backs for breathability. They often have cuffs for added protection while working.
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